1. Adoption of the agenda,
2. Adoption of the minutes from the previous assembly,
3. Work Report for 2017,
4. Proposal of Amendments to the Statute,
5. Election of the Steering Board,
6. Election of the Supervisory Board,
7. Election of the Court of Honor,
8. Miscellaneous.

Upon adoption of the agenda and minutes from the previous Assembly, President Mustafa Ibrišimović submitted to the members of the Assembly the Work Report for 2017, which was unanimously adopted. Cashier Muhamed Žižić filed the Financial Report for 2017, which was also unanimously adopted. The President Mustafa Ibrišimović filed a proposal for amendment of the Statute on behalf of the Steering Board regarding the alignment with the Statute of the Association of Police Officers in BiH. The Assembly partially accepted the proposal and supported the election of the new position of the President of the Assembly, while for the rest a five-member commission was established that will prepare the new Statute within three months, after which an extraordinary assembly session will be convened. After that, the new club leadership was elected. With the majority of votes following were elected:

President of the Assembly

1. Osman Osmanović

Steering Board

1. Milan Nikolić - president,
2. Husein Husić - secretary,
3. Tanja Manojlović - cashier
4. Darko Pudić - permanent recorder,
5. Sead Babajić - member,
6. Srđan Petrović - member,
7. Mustafa Ibrišimović - member.

Supervisory Board

1. Predrag Radovanović - president,
2. Mirsad Ribić - member,
3. Miloš Simikić - member.

Court of honor

1. Ivo Veselčić - president,
2. Jasmin Alagić - member,
3. Bratislav Djokic - member.

There was no discussion regarding the item miscellaneous.

On the 20.02.2018 official handover of duties between the former and the new management of the club was carried out. With the desire for even better cooperation in the coming period, I warmly send my regards.

Milan Nikolić
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