What is IPA?

What does IPA want?

• cultivate friendly relations and mutual assistance between the ministering police officers in the country and abroad,
• facilitate the exchange of experiences in the field of police and support the international police cooperation,
• with their public actions to have a positive impact on relations between police and citizens,
• through professional travel and meetings at gatherings to expand the knowledge of its members and to improve the understanding of the problems of others.
What is IPA offering?

1) a broad program of training through seminars and exchange of information,

2) local, regional, national and international training and other meetings in all fields,

3) study and other trips to other countries,

4) annual international gatherings in one of the countries for junior members of IPA, and other gatherings of members of IPA,

5) the possibility of introducing police equipment and experience of policemen colleagues regardless of nationality, official rank,

6) help police officers, members of IPA and their families if for no fault of their own find themselves in trouble or in crisis,

7) free overnight accommodation in dormitories (boarding) of IPA abroad and discounts at many hotels,

8) The free flow of information at regional, national and international level.